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Management Software

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2021 –

Our management software is a custom developed software package, which we currently operate in-house. It allows us to manage all aspects of the business, including our repair services and customer database.

Management Software

Key Features

  • A feature-rich repair system

    Allowing us to manage the entire repairs process from start to finish

  • A comprehensive customer database

    Allowing us to manage all customer records and assign services

  • Managed stock system

    Keeping track of all customer orders and stock levels

  • Dark & light UI theme

    Keeping in with company branding, but easier on the eyes

A feature-rich repair system

Our repair section allows us to manage any customer repairs that are booked in. We have designed the interface to be as simple as possible for our engineers to use, making better use of their time and allowing for automation of common tasks. Our team can assign devices to any work area or storage location that we have in-house, which keeps all devices safe and informs all staff where all devices are at all times.

Multiple devices can be part of the same repair job and all devices can be worked on by multiple engineers. All repair updates that are posted by an engineer are logged with their full name, display image and a date/timestamp of when the update occurred, which other engineers can clearly see and make sure that each repair is up-to-date. This also helps us give accurate updates to the customer, as we can see when the repair job was last updated by each engineer involved in the repair process.

We also take note of the device’s condition when booking in all repairs. We can then point out any flaws with the device before the customer leaves the premises, making sure that they are aware of possible delays to the repair should other parts be required. We so make sure to take a full list of all accessories that are accompanying each repair device, as we need to make sure they are returned to the customer upon collection.

Finally, all devices have a “status” assigned to them throughout the repair process. We can set this status automatically by “marking” the device as it’s required status. Currently, the status types are: Booked In, Work In Progress, Awaiting Collection, Collected and Recycled. All repair jobs can be filtered by these status types, so that we can easily find and keep track of all repairs on the system.

Repair Options

Repair Device Options

A comprehensive customer database

Our customer database allows us to manage all customer services and repairs, all from one location. we can create and assign customers multiple devices from a vast database of previously repaired devices, manage contact records records, and directly dial customers from any of our phone extensions with the click of a button.

Looking at a customer record, we can easily contact them via phone or email and see all services allocated to them. We can also see what repair jobs they have active and look at historical records, making it quick and simple for any engineer to look up past repair jobs if a device is returned with a similar fault.

Once completed, our customers will be able to edit their contact information and manage their services from our web control panel and mobile app, both of which we are looking to release at the start of next year.

Repair Options

Phone System Direct Dial

Managed stock system

Currently in development

We are currently working on expanding the software and adding a full stock system, which will allow us to keep track of customer orders, manage stock levels and assign stock to repair jobs. We have just completed development of importing ordered stock, directly ordered from multiple suppliers, into the stock system, which automates the re-stocking process.

All stock has multiple custom categories and subcategories and can be found easily by either searching – by name, description or order number – or by physical location, which is assigned when adding the stock item for the first time.

In a future version, our goal is to incorporate this stock system into a custom EPOS system, which will make performing in-shop sales much easier and efficient.

Current development tasks

  • Real-time data sync of repair device updates

  • Adding customer contact labelling and sorting

  • Data migration to new cloud storage platform

  • Improvements to code structure and UI interaction flows

Future planned updates

  • Enhancing customer section with more required features

  • Enhancing repairs section with more required features

  • Automated system responses, posted to device repair updates

  • Communication with customers via SMS/WhatsApp

Would you like something similar for your business?

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