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AKASA Alucia H6L Low-Profile Fan CPU Cooler, Universal Socket, 120mm PWM Fan, 2000RPM, 6 Heat Pipes, Low-Profile at 67.2mm Height, Intelligent PWM Speed Control, Secure & Easy Mounting


1 in stock

1 in stock

Hi-performance premium low-profile CPU cooler fitted with sleek aluminium heatsink and Photic Blue Edition fan, intelligent PWM speed control 120mm fan and 6 copper heat pipes. Designed for CPUs with a maximum TDP of 130W.
– Sleek aluminium heatsink and tranquil blue fan that channels the calm and power of oceanic waves
– Maximum reliability in cooling performance
– Perfect for small form factor cases
– Secure and easy mounting
– Optimised footprint for ideal memory compatibility
– Advanced Hydro Dynamic Bearing for increased fan life

Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler
– 120mm Fan
– Extended Fan Life
– 500-2000 RPM
– Intelligent PWM Speed Control
– 6 Heatpipes
– Silent Operation
– 67.2mm Height Profile

Maximum Reliability in Cooling Performance
6 high performing copper heat pipes for efficient heat dissipation. Superior rotor design with Hydro Dynamic bearing for improved lubrication, reducing fan noise and extending fan life up to 40,000 hours. Ensuring the cooler is able to support CPU’s up to 130W thermal design aided by the highly efficient nickle-plated copper base.

Secure and Easy Mounting
Mounting kit offers easy and secure installation for all LGA1200, LGA115X intel and AM4 AMD motherboards.

Optimised Footprint for Ideal Memory Compatibility
Efficient cooler footprint allows for total use of all available RAM slots as well as fitting in limited and cramped spaces.

Perfect for Small Form Factor Cases
Thin design makes this cooler perfect for mini ITX, low profile and most small form factor scenarios.

Premium Badge
Metallic Akasa badge reinforces the premium feel and overall aesthetics.

CPU Socket Compatibility
Intel: LGA 115X / LGA 1200

Aluminium fins with copper heatpipes

Fan Dimension
120 x 120 x 25mm

Fan Bearing
HD Bearing

Fan Speed
500-2000 RPM

Max Airflow
56.3 CFM

Sound Level
33.1 dB(A)

Rated Voltage


120 x 120 x 67.2mm

Cooler Weight


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