Akasa TIM Wipe Kit, Cleans CPU/GPU/Heatsink, 5 Individually Packaged Wipes, 5g Thermal Compound, 1x Spreader


21 in stock

21 in stock

A Must-Have for Every PC Enthusiast
Complete all-in-one solution includes everything you need for quick and easy cooler installation.

Kit includes 5g of high-performance AK-455 thermal compound, thermal compound spreader and 5 individually packaged highly effective TIM cleaning wipes.

Effective TIM Removal
Akasa TIM Wipe comes moistened with TIM Clean fluid to effectively emulsify and remove all thermal interfaces. TIM Clean fluid is a safe citrus-based solvent which leaves no residue. Perfect for cleaning CPU, GPU or heatsink bases to prepare the chipset surface for application of high-performance AK-455 thermal compound. Large size allows for cleaning of both the CPU and heatsink with one wipe.

Get More from Your Cooler
High-performance AK-455 thermal compound has an advanced formula designed to maximise heat transfer from chipset/CPU to the heatsink, enabling you to get more from your existing cooler. The high viscosity formula efficiently fills invisible surface imperfections to improve contact and thermal conductivity. Perfect for all types of PC CPUs, GPUs and chipsets. Included spreader makes applying thermal compound easy.

• Designed for all types of PC CPUs, GPUs and chipsets.
• Suitable for high wattage CPUs.
• Thermally advanced for maximum cooler performance.
• Spreader makes applying thermal compound easy.
• TIM Wipes leave no residue.

Technical Specifications
• Application: CPUs, GPUs, chipsets.
• TIM (Part Code): AK-455-5G.
• Colour: Grey.
• Viscosity: 76 CPS.
• Thermal conductivity: >2.4 W/mK.
• Thermal resistance: <0.087 cm2 C/W.
• Operating temperature: -50 °C ~ 200 °C.
• Volume: 5g.
• Solvent type: Safe-to-use citrus-based (pre-moistened).
• Total pieces: 5.
• Wipe size (mm): 180 x 175.


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